What is VDS (virtual dedicated server) hosting?

Today, all of the hosting offerings out there can be divided into 3 major baskets: shared, virtual private server and virtual dedicated server options. Customers upgrade through these three levels with VDS being the most expensive and feature-rich variant. With this type of hosting, you gain control over the whole server machine, enabling you to configure it so that it meets your unique needs.

What are the benefits of VDS?

First, it makes sense to own the physical server itself whenever a business deals with sensitive information. For instance, an online store processing credit card details.

Second, it’s the best choice with high-traffic sites which require lots of resources. VPS just won’t be able to sustain this level of resources consumption anymore.

Third, you can transition between different types of VDS, just like with VPS, increasing the resources and features as you grow.

All in all, VDS is the best pick for bigger companies that need to serve huge amounts of traffic and deliver security to site usage

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