What is cloud hosting?

Most broadly, you can divide all hosting offerings into two types: standard hosting, offered on top of a single physical server machine, and cloud hosting, provided on top of a network of server machines that work together and enable an endless increase in resources usage. Most of packages you find online are already cloud-based, but still it’s a good idea to understand the perks of the cloud in order to see the big picture.

Benefits of cloud hosting

First, an unlimited increase in the resources your site consumes without any slow-downs or disconnections that you’d inevitably experience when utilizing a physical server.

Second, redundancy meaning that should any physical server go down, the network will immediately start using your site’s copy constantly stored within the environment.

Third, protection against any issues that might arise at the physical-server level with the cloud seamlessly switching to other machines within the network.

In addition, it’s environmentally friendly with your website consuming only those resources it needs at a particular point in time.

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