What is shared hosting?

There are 3 main types of hosting services out there: shared, VPS and VDS. The shared option suits best the smaller companies that just started their online journey, VPS is for medium companies with growing traffic and VDS is for big enterprise.

A shared hosting means that your website shares the server with other sites.


First, it’s the cheapest option. No other type of services can compete with them in price since they all are upgrades on the shared hosting.

Second, it’s the easiest for beginners. As a rule, providers include basic technical support that would cover all and any questions you might have.

Third, you can always upgrade to VPS or VDS with time.


First, slower load times.

Second, inability to customize server settings much.

Third, possibility of a slow-down due to your “neighbors” consuming too much resources off that server.

All in all, you should pick a shared hosting package if you’re just getting your groove on with that fist site of yours. Try using a site builder, like WordPress, to get your dream project up and running in days.

You can always upgrade to another type in the future.

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