How to choose a hosting plan?

There’s a lot of various hosting providers on the market, but we strongly advise you to go with the teams that offer high-quality support. To determine that, talk to them in live support chat. Most of support capabilities suck. You’ll know fast.

And whenever you’ve decided on your pick, the question as to which type of hosting to choose arises. It all depends on the type of site you are doing because various packages target specific audiences

Differentiating between various types of hosting

There are 3 big classes.

First, there’s the shared hosting. It’s the cheapest. Best option for newly initiated sites that don’t get much web traffic.

Second, there’s VPS. It’s the middle-level price. Optimal choice for fast-growing sites that have good online traffic.

Third, there’s VDS. This one is for enterprise-grade businesses with major online presence. These guys command prices starting from $100.

It doesn’t matter that much what kind of tech stack you use, in which country you operate or what kind of materials you are going to put out. Use tech indicators only to compare offering within baskets, not between them.

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