How to choose a hosting provider?

Whenever you are shopping for hosting services, you’ll find lots and lots of offers on the market. There’s gonna be all kinds of company names, packages, discounts and technical indicators.

But, in a nutshell, it boils down to the quality of service. If you hook up with a host, whose support team won’t care about you and your problems, your project will suffer and you’ll hate your job. So, just write to the team, talk to them in the live support chat and ask deep questions. Most of the team will suck. And that’s your cue.

What else matters?

After you’ve weeded out bad hosts by testing their live chat support skills, make sure that they offer 3 main types of packages: shared, VPS and VDS. If they do, go with them.
Looking into specific technical indicators, pricing, discounts and advanced features doesn’t make that much sense if you’re just starting out your journey to the center of WWW. But, subsequently, you’ll learn the art of RAM and CPU. And? And you’ll still stick up with the guys you chose because you’ll have become buddies by that time!

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