What types of hosting can you use?

A hosting provider uses their own servers, located in their server centers, in order to host your website. Providers offer various packages depending on services included and terms imposed. Every website is unique. To pick the best hosting type, you first need to understand what needs you have.

Hosting types matched with website types

If you own a smaller website that doesn’t receive much traffic, you can pick the cheapest version of hosting services, i.e. the shared hosting. Here, you share the same server with lots of other sites. If those other sites consume too much of the resources, your site might slow down.

Whenever you start seeing a steady increase in the number of visitors, you should upgrade from a shared package to VPS (virtual private server). It’s a cloud version with unlimited resources that can scale to satisfy any needs you might have.

And whenever your enterprise gets really big, it’s time to transition to a dedicated host. At this point, you’ll want to have full control over your server, taking out any risk of hacking or disconnection.

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