What is hosting?

Whenever you create a website, it includes the two major components: the site itself and the server on which the site is stored. The site itself includes “coding” and the server is a piece of hardware on which your site is “hosted”.

You can set up the server in your garage, host your own website on it and make it accessible to the folks on the Internet. If you do that, you’ll magically turn into a hosting provider. But if something goes wrong with you server, you’re going to lose all that data; you’ll need a place to store your server; you might need more equipment if your site grows. And, most importantly, the server equipment costs money and you need to know your way around it.

Solve this problem: hire a hosting provider

A hosting provider would take all that hassle out of your operations, while giving you only what a need – hosting down your site. A provider uses their own servers and provides access to them for users like you who need a place to host.

Though you’ll still need some money to pay, it’s not going to be anywhere the costs of having your own server.

Today, companies offer all kinds of hosting plans. The rule of thumb is that you use shared plans for new smaller sites, dedicated hosts for huge enterprise-grade projects and VPS for everything else.

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